School conditions in most African schools are horrible and when we visit schools for pads donations,we usually take photos. This is one of the schools.

Help us donate sanitary pads,books and other school equipment. Kindly email us at mudzinipadsdonation@gmail.com or message us directly at +254 723 936 960 WhatsApp.

LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST: Meet Godwin, who is providing sanitary pads to women in Kenya.

Our founder Godwin Wambua was featured in an international podcast based in Canada. Kindly listen to it and get to know more about Godwin and the project at large http://Morning with Syed Shan Tariq https://open.spotify.com/episode/5ilQfCcw5CpcQRshvY85Sa

You can also reach us at mudzinipadsdonation@gmail.com or direct WhatsApp message +254 723 936 960. HERE IS A LINK WHERE YOU CAN DONATE DIRECTLY TO OUR FUNDRAISER. THE LINK IS SAFE AND SECURE https://tinyurl.com/yhxepbal

CLICK THIS LINK TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST Morning with Syed Shan Tariq https://open.spotify.com/episode/5ilQfCcw5CpcQRshvY85Sa


We are looking for  5 global partners and ambassadors to partner with  in this great initiative  and ministry. We are a charity  organisation  for women empowerment,education  and well being. We are inviting partners and ambassadors to work with. Join us and together lets put a smile on a poor girl’s  heart ❤❤❤❤❤. HERE IS A LINK WHERE YOU CAN DONATE TO OUR FUNDRAISER DIRECTLY https://tinyurl.com/yhxepbal

If interested  kindly contact  us at mudzinipadsdonation@gmail.com  or WhatsApp us direct on +254 723 936 960. HERE IS A LINK WHERE YOU CAN DONATE TO OUR FUNDRAISER DIRECTLY https://tinyurl.com/yhxepbal


Godwin Wambua,the founder of Mudzini pads Donation Kenya started this journey in the mid of last year,that is 2020. Hailing from a very remote coastal town called Kinango, the 30 year old guy was determined to help girls get good menstruation reception. Through inviting friends and mobilising the little funds he had,the journey kicked off and saw over 200 girls benefiting from the initiative.

Getting donations from well wishers and locall business people the foundation became strong and more schools were visited and donations shared.

During school visits,teenage girls are taught good self hygiene practices and how to deal with teenage hood. Career and talent coaching is also done.

This initiative was created to mobilize support for menstruation pads and resources from Non- Governmental Organisations, philanthropists, Private Individuals,international donors and business communities, and all well wishers from around the globe.

We would like to invite you to become one of our donors or partner. Kindly email us at mudzinipadsdonation@gmail.com or pwanimusiknewsgodwinpwani@gmail.com or WhatsApp us at +254 723 936 960.


Mudzini pads donation Kenya ,a charity organisation in the coast of Kenya is welcoming international partners and donors from all over the world. This organisation helps keep teenage girls in school through donation of menstruation pads.

Our main target is to donate as many pads as possible and to reach the interior of Kenya where villages can’t access basic human hygine needs. So far Mudzini pads donation organisation has reached more than 10 schools since last year and by the end of 2022,the number of schools and village centers should be 500 and above. Yes its possible! If you come on board and be our donor or lifetime partner.

Imagine a situation or scenario where a teenage girl is using a piece of cloth or a mattress instead of a menstruation pad,gross isn’t it? Imagine a situation where a teenage girl misses a week every month due to lack of a menstruation pad. Bad isn’t it? You have the power and chance to change this. Imagine a girl dropping out of school due to the pressure of not having a menstruation pad. Don’t wonder and be puzzled!? Its happening over here. Teenage girls discontinue school due to lack of sanitary pads. Join us and give a smile to these girls. Make their dreams come true. Join us and help us make the world a better place. Contact us at mudzinipadsdonation@gmail.com or pwanimusiknewsgodwinpwani@gmail.com or WhatsApp us at +254 723 936 960 now.


Did you know that out of 10 girls in kenya 8 cannot afford to buy a menstruation pad? Although the government supplies free sanitary pads to all primary school ,this cannot be enough to cater for every girl child in Kenya.

Mudzini youth group from the coast of Kenya,East Africa in a small coastal town called Kinango decided to help girls get menstruation pads through out their school calendar. Godwin Wambua,the founder of Mudzini tv and Mudzini Pads Donation founder decided to take the matter personally and started donating to one school last year during the corona virus peak. He mobilised some friends and together they have visited schools, churches,mosques,village centers to donate sanitary pads.

Currently ,Mudzini pads Donation Kenya is looking for donors and permanent partners who will be working hand on hand with the organisation. The charity targets more than 50 schools by the end of year 2022. Partners can be from any country or state in the world. Interested donors,wellwishers and partners can reach us through mudzinipadsdonation@gmail.com or pwanimusiknewsgodwinpwani@gmail.com or they can send donations through this link https://tinyurl.com/yhxepbal

You can also donate through our BANK ACCOUNT:



We are Mudzini youth group of ages 18-30 years from Kinango (a small coastal town ) in Kenya East of Africa. ‘Mudzini’ is an ethnic name which means community. VISIT OUR DONATION SITE——》》》》》》 https://tinyurl.com/yhxepbal .

We came up together  to start a small project of providing sanitary towels for menstruating  teeanage girls in our community. Most girls drop out of school for lack of sanitary towels,so by visiting schools,homes,churches  and mosques we donate the sanitary towels and help the girls stay in school. We also do counselling  and help the girls identify  their talents. For a year now we have been volunteering and using our own little money we would buy sanitary towels,books,pens,bags and spending  more on our transportation to different  villages in Kinango,Kenya. KINDLY VISIT OUR DONATION SITE AND DONATE —–》》》》》 https://tinyurl.com/yhxepbal .

We are looking  for partners,donors and wellwishers from all over the globe to help  us buy sanitary  towels,books,pens,bags and every little thing to make the girls stay in school.We will  be grateful  if we get funds to help us make a positive  change in the community.With the funds we are going to get from wellwishers,we plan and promise to visit more villages,and schools to help more and more girls to stay in school. You can reach us through mudzinipadsdonation@gmail.com

HELP US PUT A SMILE TO A MENSTRUATING TEENAGE SCHOOL GIRL IN AFRICA. Your donations allow us to store and deliver sanitary pads to those in need and help teenage school girls manage their period safely and with dignity. We are committed to curb school drop out and absenteeism in Africa. Kindly contact us through mudzinipadsdonation@gmail.com or pwanimusiknewsgodwinpwani@gmail.com

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